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3 Home Renovations to Get You Through the Summer Heat

Home Renovation Project

Everyone knows summer is the best time of the year to finish those renovations on your house. But there are many projects you might not consider that will greatly help you when cooler weather comes back around. Here are three home renovations to get you through the summer heat.

1. Install new windows

While this might seem counterproductive — many people keep their windows open all summer — the benefits of proper window installation are far reaching, especially in the summer. Almost 40% of the heating and cooling you attempt in your house is thrown out the window if they aren’t properly insulated. In fact, a single pane window can lose up to 50% of your home’s heat.

Try purchasing modern slide windows or simply replace your old single windows to better retain your home’s temperature and keep you cool on those hot summer days. With all the different types of windows out there — bay, slide, double hung, you name it — you’re bound to find a new style to enjoy in your home. It also does a great job at keeping your home warm in the coming months.

2. Gutters

Gutters can be a pain in any season, but getting your gutters repaired in the summer is a lot easier than in the winter. If your gutters are pulling away from the house, it might be time to rely on a gutter service for repairs or replacements. Gutter services will get the job done efficiently and quickly. Your gutter service should work with you to decide what needs you currently have and what you hope your gutter should do for you in the future.

Try pairing your new gutter with bird spikes or reflective tape to keep critters away and keep your roof and gutters looking nice.

3. Siding repairs

Siding can get damaged by just about anything: debris from wind, other storm damage, animals, scratches, and normal wear and tear. Repairing your siding now will prepare you for cooler winter months and help your energy bill. Be sure to grab a material that fits with your home’s style and buckle down for the winter knowing you have new siding to stave away the worst of the cold.

These summer renovations are the easiest, and often the most affordable, ways to refinish your home and save some money in the process. If you’re itching for a new summer look, try working with a roofing company, siding company, or window company.