How Can New Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

With the price of energy continuing to rise, homeowners really can’t afford to ignore the energy efficiency of their homes. Many factors affect how your home uses or wastes energy, but windows are definitely at the top of the list. It’s estimated that in the average home, 38% of heat loss happens through the windows and doors, according to HomeAdvisor. Homes with drafty single-pane windows may even see heat losses of up to 50%. You can easily understand how this can add up quickly! New windows are one way you can combat this energy crisis in your home. Keep reading to understand how.

Replacing Outdated Windows

Older homes were built at a time when energy efficiency wasn’t necessarily a priority. Many older homes didn’t even have HVAC so the concept of heat loss wasn’t a priority. People didn’t worry about electric bills in the same way we do today. If your home has old outdated windows, you are literally throwing money out the window each month. Whether it’s winter or summer, your windows are sucking out warm air or cool air and making your HVAC system work harder and more expensively. You can solve this problem by working with a roof service to get new energy-efficient windows installed.

Creating an Air Tight Home

A high-quality window and roof service will inspect each window in your home to ensure that the casements around them are airtight. If windows were installed improperly, or the home has settled in such as way as to shift the casements, there might be gaps and cracks that are leaking air. Professionals can correct this problem to ensure that your home is airtight, which ensures energy efficiency.

Incorporating New Window Technology

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, window and roof contractors can also help you choose windows that utilize new technology; it literally repels the heat of the sun to ensure that your home stays cooler in the summer. This is a win-win in terms of your budget and your comfort all year long!

These are just a few ways that a window and roof service can help you create an energy-efficient home. If you’re looking for a professional service offering window installation services, please give ROOFWORKS a call today.

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