4 Benefits of Having New Siding Installed

Today, more homeowners are opting to forego paint jobs in favor of new professional siding installation. According to the Census Bureau, about 36% of new single-family homes completed nationwide in the past year had vinyl siding as the primary type of exterior wall material, followed by stucco (17%), brick (23%), and fiber cement (13%). More homeowners and real estate developers are selecting siding because it offers many benefits. This article covers the main reasons why new siding is so popular.

1. Wonderful Durability

Once professional siding installation is complete, you won’t have to worry about repairs as much as you would with other materials. Upgraded siding won’t chip like paint will. It won’t break and require expensive repairs the way brick would, either. High-quality siding is built to bend with the wind and withstand some overall wear and tear. However, if your siding does crack, it can easily be repaired. Professionals can replace one small section of siding in no time!

2. Low Maintenance

A siding material like vinyl is well-known for being low maintenance. This siding solution does not demand painting or staining, meaning that reapplications of either are not necessary. Instead, once the installation of this material is complete, you only need to prioritize light cleaning. Some homeowners power wash their house once a year to ensure it doesn’t look dirty, but that is a choice, not a requirement.

3. Energy Efficient

The eco-friendly movement continues to gain steam as more companies and homeowners strive to reduce energy usage. Opting for a high-quality siding system can help you do that. Modern siding is designed to be more energy efficient using the latest insulating properties. Homeowners who opt for this type of siding also do not need to concern themselves with using harmful solvents to upgrade or maintain it.

4. Home Protection

Siding also acts as a layer of protection against various exterior elements. The additional layer between your home and outside helps protect your home from pests. It also ensures that water doesn’t infiltrate your home, which can cause mold growth. You can also opt for fire-resistant materials, too. Don’t hesitate to ask a team of professionals what siding they would recommend.

We specialize in professional siding installation. Our experienced team can install various types of siding, such as vinyl and aluminum. We can help you determine which siding is right for your home. Contact ROOFWORKS when you’re ready to discuss the many options we have available.

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