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You Have Options When it Comes to Residential Flat Roofing


Have you ever searched for “flat roofing contractors near me” before? If so, you’ve found the right team! At ROOFWORKS, we have been providing Maryland and DC homeowners with quality residential flat roofing services for over 25 years. We pride ourselves not only on installing quality flat roofing, but ensuring that it’s safe, manufacture specific, and functional.

Installing Flat Roofing

In addition to their structural advantages, flat roofs can provide plenty of benefits, including improved energy efficiency, and easier maintenance and inspection.

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    Modified Bitumen (MBS)

    There are two types of MBS flat roof systems: torch-down and self-adhering.

    Torch-down systems involve a special combination of layers to seal the bituminous product layers.

    Self-adhering systems (SAS) use a coated bitumen base mat and are great for add-on structures like garage roofs or porches.

    Interested in residential flat roofing? We offer free on-the-spot estimates, discounts, and financing with approved credit.

    Learn More About the Perks of Residential Flat Roofing

    Above, we briefly alluded to the many perks of residential flat roofing. Want to learn more? Here is an in-depth look at the advantages of choosing a flat roof for your residential building.

    Fast and Cost Effective Installation

    In many cases, flat roof installations take less than a day. Comparatively, it can take at least two or three days to install a traditional, shingle roof.

    It is markedly less dangerous to put in new, residential flat roofing, and fewer risks drive down the overall costs of installation. The materials may also cost less than the materials used in an angled, traditional rooftop.

    Optimal Energy Efficiency

    For many U.S. households, energy efficiency is a problem. According to the Energy Resource Center, collectively, Americans are spending $130 billion per year on wasted energy. Every month, households waste 283 KW hours of energy or the equivalent of keeping an electric oven set at 350 degrees for six days straight. Did you know that the right roofing can help cut down on this energy waste?

    Depending on your needs, residential flat roofing with heat-insulating or heat-reflecting barriers can be installed. These barriers significantly curb energy use and cut back on heating and cooling bills. A flat roof with a reflective surface even cools surrounding areas, combating urban heat island (UHI) effects or pockets of cities with especially hot temperatures.

    Easy Maintenance and Inspections

    To extend the life of your roof and keep it in top condition for as long as possible, it is important to get roofs inspected at least once to twice a year. Flat roofs make the process of accessing rooftops much easier. This makes it easier to make repairs, clean gutters, and even to install new flashing or solar panels. Plus, they require less maintenance and fewer repairs to boot!

    Greater Options And More Space

    A flat roof affords homeowners greater options when it comes to space. Many homeowners take advantage of this space to garden, lounge, or create a patio-type setting.

    Not only do flat rooftops create more space outdoors, but indoors, too! The top floor of a residential building or an attic is much more open and spacious when you have a flat roof. Offer residents apartments just like the ones on the floors below, or renovate attics into a full-sized bedroom without that cramped feeling from sloped ceilings.

    Do you find yourself asking: who are the best flat roofing contractors near me? Look no further than ROOFWORKS for high quality and efficient flat roofing installation. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

    Residential Services

    We don’t just install residential flat roofing, either, we also offer asphalt shingles, slate shingles, roof coatings, wood replacement, ventilation, emergency tarp services, skylights, general repair and maintenance, and more!

    If you’ve been typing “install flat roofing contractors near me” into Google in hopes of upgrading your home’s roofing, you have arrived at the right place! ROOFWORKS is here to help with all your residential flat roofing needs — give us a call today!

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