Know Your Options: 3 Basic Types of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Whether you’re building a new home or refinishing the beautiful home you’ve lived in for the last few years, choosing vinyl siding can be one of the toughest choices to make. After all, it is the first impression that guests and neighbors will have of your home. And a home you feel confident about is a home you can feel comfortable in!

But before you go ahead and pick the first siding that appeals to you, it’s important to have all the information. First and foremost, you need a basic knowledge of the three major types of vinyl siding. To learn more, keep reading!

Horizontal Siding

Horizontal siding is fairly straightforward: it runs across your home horizontally. However, it does go by another name in addition to this one! If you’re unfamiliar with siding installation terminology, horizontal siding is also referred to as clapboard siding. It’s referred to as such because it’s composed of long, horizontal planks that are designed to overlap one another. This creates that beautiful look of neat, clean siding around a home. In addition, these boards make for simple siding repair, as you can simple remove one and slide a new one into place.

Vertical Siding

Again, vertical siding does exactly what its name suggests. This is another popular form of siding, especially considering the fact that homeowners can customize the width of the vertical planks. It was originally used on farmhouses and barns, but the beautiful finish of this siding has brought it into favor with homeowners of all walks of life. Out of all types of vinyl siding, this one does require the most prep work.

Cedar Shake Siding

For homeowners who want that rustic, cedar shingle look without all the maintenance that comes with actual cedar shingles, this is the ideal type of vinyl siding. One of the most popular aspects of this siding is that it can be finished to have a true artisan look, as if each shingle were applied separately.

Above all else, it’s important to keep cost in mind. Siding, like roof service, is typically charged by the square, which is equivalent to 100 square feet of siding. But now that you have a basic knowledge of three types of vinyl siding, you should be able to make a more informed decision about your home.

If you have questions, you can talk to one our experts today!

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