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Need New Siding? Look For These 5 Signs

New Siding on Home

Aging siding can be tricky to keep up with, as it can create a wide array of structural problems. If you have been patching up your siding for years and are still noticing the same issues, it is likely time to schedule professional siding installation. When deciding whether to order new siding, look for the following signs it’s time for siding replacement.

The surface is cracked

Splits and cracks on your siding will allow rainwater to enter underneath. If this moisture is trapped between your house and the siding, it may encourage mold growth, rot, and other structural problems. Be sure to call a professional to see if siding repair or replacement is the best fix.

The siding is coming loose

When multiple pieces of siding are falling off of your home, it is usually time for new siding installation. This is especially true following wind damage. Most siding is rated to withstand up to 110 mph wind. But if common wind often rips your siding off, then your siding may have reached the end of its lifespan. If you’re looking at new siding materials, remember that vinyl siding is usually much easier to replace in the future, so consider this option.

You notice excessive rotting

As older siding sits, it is exposed to moisture, rain, hail, and other elements. These factors, as well as time, slowly weaken the structure of your siding and cause it to rot. If you notice that the siding is rotting in multiple places, call a siding professional to inspect it further. After all, few things are more damaging to your home than water damage.

The paint is fading and peeling

If you find yourself constantly having to repaint your home’s exterior, it may be time to replace the siding altogether. You are likely just wasting your money by trying to cover up the aging surface again and again. The same is often true for the interior of the house, as this peeling paint may show that moisture is seeping in from the outside. If that’s the case, another coat of paint won’t solve the underlying problem.

Your energy bills are spiking

Are your energy bills suddenly much higher than normal? This increase may be caused by rickety wood windows or a roof in need of replacement, but your old siding may also be the culprit. Schedule a full home inspection to pinpoint the exact problems.

Remember: The only way to know for sure if you need new siding is to call a professional siding company for a full inspection. They will advise whether repair or replacement is the best investment. If you do decide to install new siding, remember to invest in a quality product. It could make or break your family’s safety and comfort.