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Don’t Neglect: Reasons to Have Your Roof and Windows Inspected Annually

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Whether you have just moved into your home, have just built a new home, or have owned your home for some time, there is only one bad time to start having your roof and windows inspected every year: too late. The longer you wait, the more risk you are taking that you might not catch something, or might be stuck with a big, unexpected bill.

1. It Can Prevent a Big Bill

You can have the highest quality roof and high-quality windows, and can still end up with problems. Water damage is no joke, making roof inspection paramount. Even a small leak in a roof can cause major water damage. The difference between your roof and the rest of your house in this regard is simple: If your door falls off of its hinges, you will notice. If your stove stops working or your sink stops running, you will notice. If your roof is leaking water, there is no way to notice early on. You will notice when you see signs of water damage in your ceiling, which means it could be too late, and you could be stuck with a big, unexpected bill for repair and cleanup, not to mention any mild that may have resulted from the leak. Having your windows looked at mainly has to do with energy efficiency bills. In any given home, generally, 38% of heat loss is through windows and doors. Single pane windows can increase that heat loss to a staggering 50%. The yearly inspector can recommend new windows to you which will pay off in the long run, especially if you intend on living in your current home for a long time. Your professional inspecting your roof can provide the appropriate roofing repair and maintenance immediately if they see a potential problem, and avert everything. Such roofing service may seem unnecessary at the time, but can prevent you from ending up in debt, stuck with a big bill at an inconvenient time, as water damage typically costs about $2,386 to fix. While that number does not compare to wind damage, it is still a big bill, especially after multiple instances.

2. You Will Know When Replacement Is Needed.

As stated above, a professional will be able to tell you when your windows need to be replaced. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a family can save around $501 every year by replacing single-pane windows with a more efficient alternatives. Also, roofs do not last forever, and, while your roofer might have given you an estimate regarding how long your roof will last, but more regular inspections should give you a better picture of what to expect. If you know a year or even two in advance, you can be saving up money for a new roof and not be stuck dipping into your savings or even taking out a loan to cover the bill, combined with the roofing repair and maintenance that can be performed. Your gutters can also be replaced when needed, before even more water problems come to light.

Consider calling a roofing repair and maintenance expert today to have them begin yearly inspections on your roof and windows (If they do windows). For example, the roofing company in Maryland that many recommend is Roofworks. Consider giving them a call today and save yourself a lot of trouble.