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4 Common Threats To Your Home Windows

Home Windows

Your home’s windows are some of the most important protective features. Windows let light in while keeping the elements out. By investing in high-quality home windows installation and keeping them in top shape, you can enjoy your windows for years to come. While you are maintaining your double and single windows, be sure to watch out for these common causes of damage.

Weather And Climate

Mother nature can do some serious damage on your windows. From icicles forming in the winter to branches flying during summer storms, natural events can cause the frame and glass to crack. Be sure to inspect your windows carefully after these events. High quality storm windows are the best way to prevent this damage.


Especially for wood windows, water damage can be a serious problem.
If you are in need of gutter and roof repair, excess water may be sneaking into your siding and windows, causing rot and mold. By keeping your entire home exterior in good condition, you can avoid water damage in all its forms.

Wear And Tear

Windows simply do not last forever. If you have had your windows for twenty years or more, it is likely time for new window installation. Before you order your windows, be sure to hire a professional to perform an inspection and make recommendations. This way, you know you are getting the best products for your home’s needs.

Poor Installation

Sometimes, a window installer will do a faulty job when placing your windows in your home’s exterior. Low quality installation can cause the window to sit crooked in its frame. This not only makes it easier to break, but it also allows air to leak through the spaces. Be sure to check if the installation is covered under warranty.

Installing new windows has numerous benefits for both your comfort and your wallet. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average homeowner can save up to $501 per year by replacing their older single-pane windows with more energy efficient models. If you have any questions about specific products like storm windows, be sure to speak to a professional to clarify everything.