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3 Benefits of Installing Flat Roof Coatings

Flat Roof Coatings

Slanted roofs allow rain and snow to slide off of roof surfaces in order to prevent leaks and other weather-related damages. In this case, they are usually more desirable than flat roofs, but with the development of flat roof coatings, there are many benefits to flat roofs. Flat roof coatings provide many protective services and minimize the need for roof repair, as well as more long-term benefits as well.

Light colored coatings will reflect sunlight and keep the building cool

Cool roofs reduce heat absorption and seal cracks that may appear on the roof’s surface. The average family loses approximately $350 of heating and cooling related expenses to gaps and cracks that allow air to flow in and out. More money is spent on heating and cooling due to unintended absorption as well. Imagine what the heating and cooling costs may be for a commercial business, where flat roofs are more commonly used.

Black tar roofs can cause building temperatures to skyrocket, and result in higher cooling costs. In the colder months, this principle does not reverse; heat is not lost due to lighter roof surfaces.

Flat roof coatings are extremely durable

The lifespan of a flat coating exceeds that of a traditional black tar and gravel coating, as it doesn’t wear away nearly as fast. If you have a tar roof in need of repair due to storm damage, high wind speed, or other reasons, it’ll require more materials to fix than flat coatings would. This may also reflect in the price and project time frame.

Flat coatings seal out unwanted moisture

As stated previously, one of the biggest benefits of slanted roofs is that gravity prevents puddles from forming, and therefore prevents the softening of roof components. Flat coatings prevent moisture from penetrating into the roof materials, which causes excessive damage to the roof and the building’s interior. Coatings will also prevent other unwanted things, like birds or rodents, to squeeze through the cracks in the roof.

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