Common Types of Professional Siding and Their Advantages

The external siding of your home is its primary defense against the elements, in addition to enhancing the appearance and curb appeal. Choosing the siding you want to get installed on your home involves durability, aesthetics, cost, and eventual maintenance estimates. Once you’ve made up your mind, it would be best to get a professional siding company to handle the job. According to the Census Bureau, of 36% of single-family homes newly constructed in the US last year, the popular choice was vinyl siding for exterior wall material, followed by brick (23%), stucco (17%), and fiber cement (13%).

Here are some of the common professional siding choices:

1. Vinyl

One of the more popular professional siding choices in the US, this plastic siding provides weatherproof protection and comes in a range of color choices, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is relatively inexpensive and is fire-resistant up to about 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Wood

The oldest, classic siding, this versatile option can be modified by stains or paints to give it the appearance you desire. The variety of styles available include shingles or vertical boards. Since wood siding is combustible, adding a flame retardant chemical at an added cost would prevent any fire-related accidents. The manufacturing of wood siding is a natural, non-toxic process, unlike vinyl siding. This is also a more customizable option in comparison to other professional siding materials.

3. Fiber cement

Owing to its durability and solid composition, fiber cement siding withstands harsh, damaging weather, and lasts at least 30 years. Composed of wood pulp and cement, it offers durability and flexibility in terms of aesthetics. This is fire-resistant and is available in a variety of styles.

4. Brick

A timeless classic appearance, the brick siding is largely durable. This low-maintenance siding option doesn’t need regular repainting as it doesn’t fade in the sun and lasts at least 100 years. A brick siding increases your home’s value, should you desire to make it an investment property. With an aesthetically pleasing appearance, strength, and longevity, the cost is the only drawback. Additionally, this siding material is all-natural and eco-friendly with a small carbon footprint, while it can also be recycled and is biodegradable.

Based on your requirements in terms of design, cost, and durability, you’ll be able to decide on which siding option is better suited for your home!

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