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Do You Need These 3 Common Residential Roof Repairs?

Residential Roof Repair

When it comes to home damage, your roof typically sees the worst of it. Whether it’s a bad storm or falling tree branches, your roof does more than you know to protect your family. And that means it’s important for you to take care of it. Here are some of the most common residential roof repair situations to keep in mind as you maintain your roof.

Replacing Shingles

Fortunately, replacing a few shingles is nowhere near as intensive a form of residential roof repair as new roofing installation. That being said, it’s still important to keep a close eye out for missing shingles on your roof. In many cases, homeowners don’t even notice that a shingle is missing until there’s a water stain on their ceiling. It’s normal to see some granules in the gutter or yard every now and again, but a missing shingle or two can turn into a real problem if you’re not careful about it. The best way to avoid any further damage to your home and check for missing shingles is to have your roof inspected on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances, your roof should be inspected once or twice annually. Inspections at this interval should be more than enough to help you catch any missing shingles that need replacing.

Fastening Gutters

Gutters are just as much a part of your home’s roof as the shingles. They’re also one of the most common parts of your roof that will need maintenance and repairs. Sometimes gutters are ripped from their fastenings by heavy snow or ice dams. Other times, they were never fastened correctly in the first place. Whether your gutters are sagging, cracked, or not fastened properly, it’s important to get these repairs done as soon as possible. Your gutters help divert water from your home and prevent issues like foundation cracking and mold growth. In addition to having your roof inspected every year, make sure you’re performing routine gutter maintenance and keeping your eyes peeled for any signs of damage.

Skylight Replacement

Skylights are an awesome addition to any home. They’re a great way to let more natural light in and get a great view of the sky. But they’re also the root cause of a very common roof repair! Failed flashing or a skylight that was installed improperly or has been compromised will result in the need for residential roof repair. If you’re thinking about installing a skylight, make sure you work with your roofing contractor to do so. This can help you ensure that you’re investing in a good skylight and have expert roofing help during installation.

Your roof does so much for your home. Make sure you take care of it! These common issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and roofing inspections.