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4 Common Problems You Might Need to Call a Roof Repair Company About

Roof Damage Tree Fell in Storm

Your roof is your home’s ultimate protection from the elements, and when it’s been compromised it can pose a big problem. Not everyone is aware that their roof might have a fault, though, so potential damages could end up being much worse in the end. The key to proper maintenance is being aware of common problems that might indicate the need for roofing repairs.

Leaky Roof

This is at the top of the list for good reason. Water damage can cost a substantial amount, and the longer it sits the more damage it does. There are various potential causes of leaks such as faulty shingles or a hole in the base layer. Leaks can happen at any part of your roof, but are most frequently found:

  1. Close to the chimney
  2. Beneath faulty shingles
  3. At flashing points
  4. Near gutters
  5. Around skylights
  6. By vents and pipes
  7. In low points or valleys

Even if there isn’t any water entering through the leak, it can still create unnecessary damages. A homeowner might spend a third of their yearly heating and cooling budget on air that leaks in or out of the house through cracks and holes — almost $350. The remedy for a leaky roof can be as simple as a shingle replacement or as complicated as full section roofing repairs.

Pools of Water

Pooling water in various spots on your roof can be a big issue, causing water damage and possibly even structural damage. This can be a frequent occurrence for flat roofs; slanted roofs are often relieved of this issue. If you frequently experience pools of water on your roof, you should contact a roofing specialist to come and assess the problem. Occasionally, they can taper the edges of your roof to make it more run-off capable.

Roof Shrinking

A real problem that occurs in all types of roofs, resulting in a variety of other issues. When a roof shrinks, it could cause cracks, pull apart materials, and speed up deterioration. A yearly roof inspection can continuously monitor if your roof is shrinking.

Tree Damage

Whether your neighbor was testing out his new chainsaw or there was a powerful windstorm, trees can do some serious damage to your roof. Not all damage comes from a fallen tree though. If there are branches that constantly rub against your roof, it could lead to cracked, broken, or missing shingles as well as many other problems. Trimming back trees to keep them away from your roof is essential.

There are endless reasons your roof might need repair, and some of them are easy DIY projects. The majority of roofing repairs, however, should be left to the pros.

If you’re in need of roofing repair and maintenance, call the experts at Roofworks today.