Benefits of New Windows for Your Home

Purchasing brand new windows for your house can seem like a big expense, but new windows are often well worth it both short term and long term. The installation process is easy when you hire a professional service to do so, such as our very own roofing contractor company. After installation, you’ll enjoy these benefits.

Noise Reduction

Windows act as insulation against high noise levels. This makes new windows necessary for homeowners in high-noise areas, such as by airports, train tracks, or busy highways. When you have new windows, the noise is less likely to disturb you throughout the day.

Energy Efficient

Most homes lose 38% of their heat through the windows and doors, while homes with single-pane windows lose up to 50%. Homeowners upgrading to durable, double or triple-pane windows will instantly enjoy lower energy bills. Not only will windows prevent heat loss during colder months, but they will also help keep your home at a comfortable temperature during hotter months.


Once your new windows are installed, you won’t have to worry about them besides basic cleaning. They are designed to be maintenance-free so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of new windows for your home without common drawbacks. When cleaning is necessary, you can trust that it will be easy with our brand-new windows.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Nothing can kill a home’s appearance quite like outdated windows can. Old windows or windows that need to be repaired can make your entire house look outdated and broken. This can be an eyesore to neighbors, making selling your house more difficult. Brand-new windows instantly increase the aesthetic appeal, making your home look beautiful.

Nice Return On Investment

Homeowners planning on selling their homes will enjoy a nice return on investment after purchasing brand-new windows. Most homeowners can recoup at least half the cost of new windows when they sell. You can enjoy them now, and they’ll pay for themselves with reduced energy bills and an exceptional return on investment.

New windows make your home more comfortable and aesthetically appealing, and we have low-maintenance options that you’ll find to be compatible with your needs. To learn more, contact us at ROOFWORKS today! We’re a roofing contractor that also provides window replacements and installations in Maryland and Washington, DC.

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