4 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Roof Service to Replace Your Home Siding

Whether you have hardie, fiber, cement, or vinyl siding, you should know it won’t last forever. Even if your home is one of the 36% of homes built in the past year that have vinyl siding, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it will need to be replaced at some point. Luckily, many roof services also handle siding installation and replacement. Here are four signs to look for that indicate you should replace the siding on your home.

1. Cracked or Sagging Siding

Siding should look sharp and have good, clean lines. When the siding starts to sag or become cracked, the outdoor elements are taking too much of a toll on your siding. The sun’s UV rays, precipitation, and wind damage all conspire to wear down and damage your siding. Replacing the siding before it becomes too bad can help to protect the rest of your home’s exterior and limit your potential costs to fix the problem.

2. Peeling and Faded Paint

Paint helps to protect the siding and your home from the outdoor elements, but paint only lasts so long. When you see paint that is peeling and faded badly, the siding is taking a lot of punishment from the outdoor elements. A roof service can replace the old siding with a new product that lasts much longer than the paint on your old siding lasted.

3. Storms Have Damaged the Siding

Storm damage is one of the most common problems that home siding experiences. Very strong winds can strip the siding from the side of your home and blow it away. Those winds often are accompanied by rainfall or other bad weather that could damage your home’s exterior. A roof service could replace your old siding and make your home look great again.

4. Moss or Mold Growth

If you see moss, mold, or virtually anything else growing on your siding, you have a problem. Such growth indicates moisture is getting between your siding and the structure that it is covering. It also shows that the structure likely is suffering damage from moisture and mold, moss, or other plant growth that should not occur. A roof service could remove the bad siding and inspect the external walls for damage or deterioration that requires replacement.

Do you recognize any of the signs above on your home? You can call or visit us at ROOFWORKS to schedule a siding inspection and get a free estimate from our experienced roof service professionals.

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