3 Top Benefits of Installing Residential Flat Roofing

High-quality and well-installed roofing not only protects your home from the elements but also boosts the overall curb appeal of your home. If you’re thinking about installing a new roof that will protect your house, enhance your curb appeal, and add more utility to your home, then you need a flat roof. The good thing is you can call a residential flat roofing contractor to install your flat roof.

When you install a flat roof on your home, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

1. Flat Roof Installation is Fast and Easy on the Pocket

Normally, roof installation is one of the biggest expenses for a homeowner. For instance, when you install asphalt shingle roofing, you’ll have to dig deep in your pockets and wait longer for installation to complete. The maximum cost of installing a new shingle roof is about $25,000. Conversely, flat roof installation is much more affordable, with a maximum installation cost of around $12,000. Also, while it takes around three days to install a shingle roof, an adept roof contractor can install a flat roof in one day.

With fewer installation costs and less downtime, it’s more convenient to install residential flat roofing. Flat roof installation also uses fewer construction materials. Therefore, there is less waste produced during the installation process. This not only keeps your home compound clean but also preserves your immediate environment. Installing residential flat roofing gives you more cost and time benefits than any other type of roof.

2. Maintenance, Repair, and Inspection of a Flat Roof is Easy

Roofing repair and maintenance is often a topic that’s not at the top of the head of most homeowners. A good number of American homeowners don’t give much thought to their roofs until they have to. And this is usually when they spot a water leak or when they spot a missing shingle. Roofs have a longer service life, but regular roof maintenance should still be scheduled at least once or twice a year. Also, accessing the rooftops of sloppy roofs is an uphill task.

On the other hand, a flat roof is easy to inspect. Having easy access to your roof allows you to spot any developing flaws because you’ll use your rooftop much more often. Also, it’s easy to keep the rooftop free of debris because you can clean it as frequently as you wish. When you notice any minor damage on your flat roofing, you can call in roofing contractors to repair your roof.

With fewer repair and maintenance costs, your residential flat roofing will give you substantial cost savings in the long run. On average, American homeowners spend between 1 to 4% of their home’s total value on maintenance and repairs. As such, a $200,000 home costs $2,000 in repairs annually. When you install a flat roof, you reduce the repair and maintenance costs by a large shot.

3. Residential Flat Roofing Adds Extra Space to Your Home

When you think about it, much of the idle space in your house is on the rooftop. A flat roof gives you an excellent chance to utilize this space well. You can create a rooftop garden and grow your favorite flowers and herbs or you have a rooftop deck to entertain your guests. Additionally, you can also install air conditioners and solar panels on the rooftop. Depending on the architecture of your house, you may even create a rooftop swimming pool. Residential flat roofing allows you to get more utility from your home’s rooftop. Other amenities you may decide to install on your flat rooftop include a pool table, tennis table, and an outdoor gym.

With all the benefits of residential flat roofing, it helps that many roofing companies in Maryland can expertly install your flat roof. Good thing installation, repair, and maintenance of residential flat roofing are affordable. When you install a flat roof, you save money and time, get more utility from the roof, and easily maintain your roof to extend its service life.

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