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How To Care For Your Home’s Windows

Homeowners Guide to Window Care

No matter the age of your windows, maintenance is key in keeping them working as well as possible. For single or double hung windows, your home’s windows should be should be clean, structurally strong, and sealed tight. To ensure that your windows are up to standard, be sure to follow these simple window care tips.

Keep the glass shining

Clean your windows regularly to keep the glass free of residue. Use a mild detergent or spray to clean the glass without damage. It is also best to use a paper towel or cloth so that you don’t scratch the surface with an abrasive material.

Maintain the frames

If you notice dirt or other materials building up on window frames, scrub it gently with a cloth, soap, and water. It is always a good idea to test a cleaning agent on the underside of the frame first. This way, you can make sure that it will not damage the entire finish. Keep in mind that vinyl windows and wood windows may react differently to certain cleaners.

Wash the screens

The best method for washing your screens is to pop them out of the frame and spray them with a hose. For stubborn dirt or debris, scrub gently using a mild soap and a cleaning brush. Screen cleaning is great to do in the spring to remove any dust and dirt that collected during the winter.

Inspect for drafts

When you are running your HVAC systems, be mindful of any signs of drafty windows. The average household spends about a third of their heating and cooling budget on air that leaks in or out of the house through unsealed places. If you notice a spike in your energy bills or that your home is not comfortable in certain rooms, your windows could be to blame.

Call a professional

If you notice any structural problems such as broken frames, air leaks, or cracked glass, be sure to contact a professional to order window repair or new custom windows.

From your simple double hung windows to your stunning bay windows, taking care of these home features is key to your family’s comfort. If you have any specific questions about window care or how to best care for your windows, be sure to speak with the installation company. They will give you specific tips for maintenance best practices.