Why You Need a Roof Inspection Certification

According to Allstate, a professional roof inspection is necessary semi-annually. As part of the roof inspection, you will get a report noting any problems or a roof inspection certification, which says your roof is in good condition. Roof inspections should be a normal part of your home maintenance. However, sometimes you may need a roof inspection certification outside your normal maintenance. Here are three times this type of certification will come in handy.

1. When You’re Selling Your Home

Before you list your home for sale, having a roof inspection certificate in hand is a good idea. Many lenders require roof inspections before they close a mortgage loan. Having this document before listing your house will make it easier for highly qualified buyers to speed through the loan process. Of course, a roof inspection certification can help to sell your home by easing potential buyers’ roofing concerns. When the market is heavy with homes for sale, a roof certification can be a tipping point in your favor to sell.

2. For Insurance Purposes

You can use roof certification to document roof conditions for your homeowner’s insurance company. It’s also a good idea to have a roof inspection certificate on file with the insurance company so there isn’t a question about the condition of your roof before a covered event. It makes it harder for an insurance adjuster to dispute your claim if a roof inspection is on file.

3. When You Need to Take Out a Loan

Let’s say you want to tap into your home’s equity to upgrade your home’s windows. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, vinyl replacement windows cost about $11,000 on average and wood window replacement is usually around $12,000. Providing the lender with as much information about your home as possible can help you to get the loan you need. A roof inspection certificate gives an appraiser the information they need to evaluate your home fairly. It also makes the appraiser’s job easier.

Whether you are selling, repairing, or want to document the condition of your roof, a roof inspection certification gets the job done. Call Roofworks today to schedule a professional roof inspection! We’ll make sure you get the paperwork you need.

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