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Tell Tale Signs Your Roof Is Suffering From Sun Damage

Sun Damage Roof

You know your roof can be damaged by rainstorms and hail, but did you know the sun can also take a toll on your roof? If you live in a particularly sunny area, sun damage can result in more frequent repairs and a reduce the life of your roof. Here are some of the common signs your home is incurring sun damage.


The UV light emitted by the sun does more than give your skin a serious tan — on pigmented materials, it can bleach the color if the object stays out in the sun for too long. Roofs are designed to last a long time, but discolored shingles are the first tell-tale sign you need to call roofing services for repair.

Crumbling shingles

If you notice pieces of your shingles in the gutter or on your lawn, this is a sign your shingles may have taken all the sun damage they can. Common in older shingles, sun damage will cause the material to decay or crumble apart, leaving your home open to the elements. Replacing your roof with newer shingles that are more resistant to harmful UV light is essential when you call a roofing service.

Warped shingles

This is a common sign of wear and tear on any roof, but warping shingles can also be caused by the sun’s hot rays. People usually associate warped shingles with rain or water damage, but too much heat can curl the edges of your shingles and warp your roof. If your shingles are beginning to warp, unfortunately, the problem won’t go away on its own.

Contact a roofing company to fix your roof and prevent lasting damage on your home. Your home’s siding may also warp in the sun if the weather gets too hot. Luckily, new models in siding can handle winds up to 110 mph and are easier to repair if you use vinyl siding.

In the end, the signs of sun damage to your roof mimic the symptoms many older roofs experience. Inspect your roof and make repairs twice a year to improve the longevity of your roof for your home.

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