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Weighing the Benefits: Interior vs. Exterior Storm Windows

Installing Storm Windows

You know that your home’s windows allow you to see the outside world and let natural light bathe your home’s rooms, but they are also essential in keeping in the warm air you have stored up. You can start saving on your heating bill by switching out your single pane windows for more energy efficient storm windows, but you first have to decide if you need them on the exterior or interior.

Why You Need Either Type Of Storm Windows

On average, about 38% of a home’s heat is lost through its windows and doors. A home with drafty single pane windows may see their heat loss increase to about 50%. Both exterior and interior storm windows keep your heat in during the winter and your cool air in during the summer, as well as:

  • Increase comfort by reducing drafts.
  • Reduce noise levels.
  • Filter the sun’s color-bleaching rays, preventing your flooring and decor from becoming faded.
  • Save you 12% to 33% on heating and cooling costs.

Benefits of Exterior Storm Windows

While the two types of storm windows have the same basic function of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, exterior storm windows are slightly more efficient at doing this. Many have a low-e coating that reflects heat back into the home during the winter and reflects it outside during the summer. This coating also lowers a window’s emissivity from 0.84 to 0.16 or lower. These storm windows can reduce the overall air leakage in your home by 10% because they work as such an efficient air sealing measure.

Benefits of Interior Storm Windows

Although they may not be quite as efficient as exterior ones, interior storm windows are still more energy efficient than traditional single pane windows because they add another layer of insulation to your windows. Their advantage over exterior storm windows comes in their greater convenience. As they’re not exposed to the elements, they require less maintenance and they are easier to install and remove. They are the more popular choice for apartments or houses with more than one floor because of these conveniences. Interior storm windows are also very effective at reducing air infiltration or draftiness because they seal tightly to the primary window.

When you want custom windows, you need to choose storm windows over single windows. Contact a roof service today and ask about their high-quality windows installation to start saving energy now.