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Stem the Tide: How to Stop Floods in Your Home

Neighborhood Flooding

If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, dealing with the aftermath can be exhausting. Not only is it time-consuming and expensive, but it also puts your home and your family’s health at risk.

Here’s how to deter flooding from wreaking havoc in your home.

Opt for a raised home

You won’t have problems with basement flooding if you don’t have a basement! If you experience frequent flooding, raising your home on a solid base or even stilts can help reduce the risk of flooding in the home. Even an inch of flood water can cause catastrophic damage to your home’s siding, flooring, and structure. Replacing any of these can cost more than you bargained for.

Apply the best sealants on the market

Applying sealants and coatings can help repel water and keep moisture from seeping into your home. You can apply these proofings on your foundations, siding, walls, and even doorways to plug up any cracks. Water can eat away at your home’s siding, especially if wet mulch promotes rotting. Keep in mind, however, that a square of siding measures 100 sq ft. You might want to start saving today.

Grade your lawn

Houses that rest in a valley are more likely to be flooded. If you work to grade your lawn away from your home, the groundwater will travel down instead of pooling at your home’s base. You can grade your lawn by calling a professional landscaper or by adding more clay-heavy soils to your lawn to direct surface runoff.

Get more downspouts

Gutters can hold hundreds of pounds of water. If you want to improve the capacity of your gutters, you should opt for more downspouts. Downspouts work to redirect the water away from your home. Be sure you angle them away from your neighbors’ homes and point them downhill to stop water from accumulating near the base of your home.

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