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Don’t Perform a Roof Inspection Without Reading This First

Roof Inspection

The best Maryland roofing companies will tell you that your home’s roof should be inspected one to two times per year, but we all know most homeowners will go years without a proper roof inspection. There are three main reasons why. First, people don’t know their roof needs an inspection. Two, they don’t want to pay for it. Finally, they’re afraid of being told they have a roof in need of replacement, which can set them back $2,000 to $8,500 for a 2,400 square foot roof, depending on the type of roofing materials needed.

Thanks to the Internet and a particularly American type of individualism, we’re living in the DIY era of home improvement. And while our roofing company in Maryland admires that can-do spirit, the truth is that countless Americans are injured every year going up on a ladder to do their own roof inspection.

Did we say countless? Because researchers at Columbus Children’s Hospital’s Center for Injury Research and Policy actually counted. They found that the number of ladder-related injuries went up by 50% between 1990 and 2005. That’s 2.1 million people or 136,000 injuries and deaths per year. When location data was available, the researchers found that 97% of these falls, fractures, sprains, and breaks occurred at non-occupational settings, which is researcher-speak for at home.

We know it can be tempting to save money on a roof in need of repair by inspecting it yourself. We know that after a Maryland fall and winter, your roof and gutters have likely taken a beating, and how dangerous stepping up that ladder can be.

The truth is, spring is unofficial falling off ladder season for emergency rooms all over the country, which will be inundated with DIY roofers trying to save a few bucks on gutter and roof repairs. Remember that when you hire a roofing company in Maryland, their workers will be covered by insurance. Your fall probably won’t be.

Don’t risk your neck in a misguided attempt to save some money. We know that a roof in need of replacement is a major source of anxiety for homeowners. We know that the average homeowner will spend one to four percent of your home’s value on maintenance and repairs each year and that a roof in need of replacement is a particularly expensive job.

Even so, there are some jobs best left to the professionals. This spring, if you are experiencing common roof problems, don’t hesitate to call the best roofing company Maryland has to offer for professional help.