What Every Homeowner Must Know Before Replacing Windows

If your heating or cooling bills are higher than they have been in previous years, it is possible that it’s time to think about replacing windows. For the average family, about a third of its yearly heating and cooling cost is due to air leaking in or out of the house through hidden gaps and cracks. In other words, new windows can actually lower your energy bills by a considerable amount. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that a household can save up to $501 every year just by replacing old windows with Energy Star approved models.

So, it is time to replace your windows. Before putting money towards a high-quality windows service, learn a little bit about each type of window material, and choose the one that is best for your home in your location and climate. Also take into consideration what type of window you are replacing: bay windows, entry windows, sliding door windows, etc.

The Advantages of Vinyl Windows

  1. It is hard to scratch or scrape a vinyl window. They are resistant to the elements, so they do not need to be fixed or replaced often. They won’t rust or corrode like other materials do over time.
  2. They are easy to clean. Just wash vinyl windows with soap and water.
  3. Vinyl is relatively less expensive. The average cost of vinyl window replacement is just over $11,000, whereas wood replacement is a bit more costly.
  4. Vinyl windows can reduce the need for heating and air conditioning, as they are extremely effective in keeping heat out in the summer, and trapping inside the home in the winter.
  5. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to match your home.

The Advantages of Wood Windows

  1. Wood windows do not go out of style. They are classic and can be customized by painting and staining.
  2. Wood frames are easy to install.
  3. They are environmentally friendly. Wood is recyclable, and trees are a renewable resource.
  4. Wood is a strong barrier for sounds.

The Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

  1. Fiberglass is very inexpensive.
  2. They are extremely durable and require little to no maintenance.
  3. They do not rust, splinter, or rot.
  4. Fiberglass can be painted and customized to match the style of your home.

The Advantages of Aluminum Windows

  1. Aluminum window frames are lightweight but strong.
  2. Aluminum is completely recyclable, and thus environmentally friendly.
  3. Aluminum can be painted to match your home.
  4. Aluminum windows are the least expensive option.

If you need more help, please feel free to contact us about your options when it comes to replacing windows. Our experts will help guide you toward the right choice for your home.

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