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Signs You Need New Gutters This Spring

Clogged Gutters

Do you think you might need new gutters?

Fall and winter weather can be particularly hard on a home. Wind and snow can do damage to your roof, and leaves, branches, ice, and other debris can clog your downspouts. It’s important to visually check your roof and gutters every fall and spring to make sure nothing is amiss; if you fail to do so, you may have to deal with water damage that’s expensive to fix. The cost of water damage from a leaky roof or clogged gutters rings up at $2,386 on average, and the cost of standing water removal is even more.

To avoid these unexpected expenses, you should stay on top of your home’s exterior maintenance needs. Your gutters help to drive water away from vulnerable areas of your home, but if they aren’t doing their job properly, you need to take action sooner rather than later. While gutter cleaning maintenance programs can help remove the gunk, more serious issues may require gutter repairs or even brand new gutter installation. Here’s how to spot the signs that you may need gutter replacement:

Pulling or Sagging

One of the most obvious signs that your home needs new gutter installation is if you notice that your current gutters are sagging or pulling away from the house. This is an indication that the gutters are full of water or debris and are unable to handle the weight. While this could be due to a blockage that hasn’t been attended to in a long time, it could also mean that the system isn’t draining properly for other reasons or that it’s not even the right drainage system for your house. An expert can assess the problem and can offer alternative solutions.

Splits and Cracks

You may not think too much of a small crack in one of your gutters, but that small crack can quickly turn into a big problem. Minimal splits may be able to be easily repaired if you catch them quickly enough. But if you don’t get them fixed right away, they’ll continue to get bigger and cause further damage. It could even lead to problems with your roof shingles, siding, or foundation. If there are extensive cracks or holes in your gutters, you’ll probably want to get new gutters.

Rust or Peeling Paint

Unless you’ve had your current gutter system for a long time, you shouldn’t notice peeling paint. The paint used on gutters is designed to stand up to seasonal weather, so if it’s peeling, it can be a sign that your gutters are rusting. That means that your gutters aren’t working the way they should due to blockage or damage. In addition, if the paint on your home itself is peeling away, that’s often a sign there’s a leak in your gutters. Either way, get an expert’s opinion on the situation.

If your gutters need some TLC this spring, Roofworks is here to help. For more info on the best gutter installation Maryland has to offer, contact us today.