Mother Nature’s Threats To Your Roof

While your roof is designed to weather the elements and keep your home dry, it is still subject to several natural threats. By being mindful of the damage that nature causes, you can easily spot a roof in need of repair. The next time you are inspecting your roof, be sure to keep these threats to your roof in mind. If you happen to notice any issues, be sure to call a roof service company.


Especially if you live in a hurricane-prone area, your roof could suffer periodic damage from high speed winds. Wind has the potential to dislocate or remove shingles, stripping your roof of its structural integrity. Always be sure to inspect your roof after a storm.


The winter months can take a toll on your roof, as ice can sit heavy on your roof and gutters. This can cause shingles to crack and gutters to sag, causing you trouble once the spring rains begin.


Multiple parts of a tree pose risks to your roof. Leaves can accumulate and cause mildew buildup. Branches are a significant threat, as they can break off from the wind and cause structural damage. One of the best ways to prevent this problem is to trim the branches surrounding your roof, eliminating the threat of them falling onto the roof’s surface.


Small critters like birds and squirrels can easily make their homes in chimneys can gutters. Termites can also chew through the wooden under section of the roof, causing the entire roof to collapse or cave in. If you notice that a small animal is living in your home’s structure, call a professional to address the problem as soon as possible.


When moss grows on your roof, is causes the surface to retain moisture. This offers an opportunity for water leaks, mold, and mildew. Through basic roofing repair and maintenance, you can catch this growth before it causes more serious damage.

If you notice that you have a roof in need of repair because of one of these elements, be sure to hire a roof repair professional as soon as possible. This professional will be able to advise whether you need to schedule repair or a full roof replacement. This replacement would cost you $1,000-4,000 to replace it on your own and $2,000-8,500 to have it professionally replaced. This repair and replacement is all part of roof, gutter, and siding repair and maintenance best practices.

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