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Is it Necessary to Install Gutters on Your Maryland Home?

Home with new shingles and gutters

Although natural causes and unavoidable situations can cause damage to your home, you can avoid most scenarios through proper care and precautionary measures.

If there is one thing most homeowners forget, it is rain gutters. Gutters may not be vital in areas that receive little rainfall, but with the heavy seasonal downpours in Maryland, they are a must-have for any home.

If you think that gutter installation Maryland is a waste of money, here are some statistics that could change your mind.

The average cost of fixing water damage is $2,386 while removing standing water will cause a $2,688 dent in your bank account. Damage resulting from wind will cost from $5,757 to $10,000 while smoke damage costs roughly $4,172.

Why Your House Needs Gutters

You may underestimate the need for gutters in your home, until the rainy season hits. And it becomes all too clear why you should have installed and properly maintained gutters in your home.

The primary function of gutters is to protect your house from damage caused by a torrential downpour. Without functional channels, rain flowing from the roof can get into your attic, causing severe water damage.

It can flow down through the walls and ruin the finishing or façade of your house with unsightly stains, meaning you would need new siding.

The lack of a proper channel for the rainwater causes the water run-off to seep through the soil, shifting it, and causing flooding on the slab. It could also lead to a crack in the foundation.

The water could also penetrate the point of the wall that meets the roof and get into the house. Water leaking into the interior of the house could cause severe damage to your property, floor, and inside walls.

The leaking water, especially when it goes undetected, would cause dampness in your home. It would create an environment for molds to grow, and cause wood surfaces to rot while metals rust.

Without gutters, the rainy season would cause water run-off to wash away the soil around your home and cause soil erosion in your yard.

For the beautiful garden beds around your home that you have fought so hard to maintain, the rainwater will cause water puddles to drown the plants. The garden windows would not be spared either and all your hard work would go to waste.

One thing is clear: the lack of gutters in your home will leave you with a roof in need of repair, and a house with a destroyed exterior and interior. Moreover, unless you get new roofing installation and new windows and siding, a house with too many signs of repairs would have a low market value.

Installing New Gutters Maryland

If you don’t have gutters in your house, a gutter installation company can fix the situation. Choose a company with great reviews, experience with installing gutters in Maryland, and a budget-friendly organization. A company with a gutter cleaning maintenance program would be an ideal option.

Gutters can come in different materials such as vinyl, aluminum, or stainless steel, and different types such as seamless gutters. The contractor should be able to provide you with various options from which you can pick your preferred choice.

Maintenance of Your Gutters

Gutter installation in your home is not enough. You need to carry out proper maintenance throughout the year. Clean them regularly to get rid of any leaves and debris that can cause a blockage. Blocked gutters are as bad as a home without gutters.

In case they are loose or sagging, replace the gutter spikes with gutter screws. Screws will hold much better than spikes. Use a hosepipe to run water through the gutters and detect any leaks in the joints and seams. You can fix the leak with silicone caulk.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, a roofing repair and maintenance company can regularly check your gutters and fix any issues.


Every home in Maryland needs rain gutters to avoid damage costs caused by rainwater. Get a gutter installation company that will do a proper job. Ensure that the gutters are properly maintained and you are sure to keep your home beautiful and functional.