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Follow These Steps To Inspect Downspouts

Inspect Downspouts

While completing regular gutter repairs and inspection is essential to every home, it is just as important to inspect downspouts. These features are an extension of your gutters. By keeping them clear and damage-free, you are keeping water from collecting and leaking into your home. Water damage repair costs an average of $2,386 to fix, jumping to $2,688 when standing water is involved. While this is less than wind damage ($5,757-10,000) and fire damage ($4,172), it is still a blow to your repair budget. Fortunately, you can avoid high costs by following these simple inspection tips.

Look For Leaks

Due to general wear and tear, leaks are a common with downspouts. They can happen because of surface cracks, missing bolts, or loosening seams. Look for dripping water or puddles on the ground. These are signs that you should order gutter installation or repairs.

Check For Signs Of Clogs

Just as leaves and other debris can accumulate in your gutters, they can also get trapped in your downspouts. If you are noticing water backing up in your gutters or rainwater overflowing, blocked spouts may be the problem. Either take steps to carefully clear these out yourself or hire a professional to do so.

Inspect Downspouts for Structural Damage

Check the surface of every spout of cracks, dents, and other issues. Even if they aren’t causing problems at the moment, they could become worse and eventually cause leaks and overflows. Have a professional assess the damage to determine whether full replacement will be necessary.

Spot Rusty Spots

Rusting is almost inevitable with home exterior products, as the seasons and water damage can cause corrosion. It can become problematic when there is too much rust, as it can put your home at risk for structural damage. Rust damage may warrant full replacement.

If you notice any major problems while inspecting your downspouts, be sure to check if these issues are mirrored in your gutters and roof. A professional home exterior company will be able to to provide gutter cleaning maintenance programs, as well as roof service. Being thorough in regular inspection is important for the structural integrity of your entire home.