How Often Should I Make Gutter Cleaning Appointments?

Having clean gutters should not be taken for granted because clean gutters mitigate the risk of water damage, clogging, invasive pests, a cracked foundation, and the overall expenses that come with gutter replacement. Gutter cleaning maintenance programs can save you the trouble of cleaning your gutters yourself and allow you to sidestep those expenses completely. Now, you may be wondering how many times a year your gutters should be cleaned and what exactly clearing out your gutters entails. We’re going to give you some helpful info on the best times to hire gutter cleaning services and the benefits that maintenance will grant you.

The Leaves and the Rain

Homeowners should be aware that the general rule of thumb is to schedule maintenance at least twice a year. However, these two service instances should be spaced out to once in the fall and once in the spring. With autumn comes falling leaves, and with spring comes showering rainstorms. The clutter and debris of leaves will quickly clog up your gutters if not taken care of sooner. Heavy rainfall can damage your gutters, with too much incoming water potentially seeping into the home’s foundation and crawlspaces. Furthermore, the clutter and heavy rain of these seasons can bring in a number of pests that cause even more damage to your home’s gutters.

Gutter Protocol

Leaving your gutters to become clogged by leaves, rain, and other hazards creates the risk of not just needing to pay for new gutters, but a totally new roof. A maintenance team of professionals will have the right protective gear, tools, and know-how for the job. Cleaning out clogged gutters by yourself without the proper equipment may prove dangerous and potentially more expensive, so don’t hesitate to hire a team for gutter cleaning maintenance programs if needed.

According to Roofing Insights, roofing replacements make up a majority of the North American roofing market, which makes up over 90% of the overall market’s volume and value. Protecting your roof protects your home. Contact ROOFWORKS to schedule gutter cleaning maintenance for your peace of mind. Whether it’s gutter maintenance or installation you need, we can provide it for aluminum and copper gutters alike. So don’t hold off on scheduling maintenance, it’ll help preserve your roof and the integrity of your home.

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