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The Beauty and Benefits of Garden Windows

Garden Window

You may think that all different styles of windows serve a similar purpose; from picture windows, to double-hung windows, to sliding windows, all windows exist to let light and fresh air into a home. Right?

Wrong! Some home windows serve very specific purposes to add beauty and function to any space. In particular, garden windows provide a unique opportunity to enhance a space with decorative plants.

What are Garden Windows?

Garden windows are similar to bay windows in that they protrude from the exterior wall of a room, letting more light in through glass from above.

However, garden windows are optimized for displaying plants. Think of garden windows as miniature greenhouses or sunrooms. These windows feature thicker insulating glass that protects plants from chills and drafts usually felt around a window. These windows are also topped with an angled panel of glass that allows maximum sunlight penetration for optimum plant growth. Sliding panels on either side allow a ventilating breeze to enter as well.

What are the Benefits of Garden Windows?

Garden windows can provide style and utility to nearly any space. Here are just a few creative uses and benefits of installing windows like these:

  • Kitchen Herb Garden
    This style of window is most often found above sinks in kitchens, and many homeowners use garden windows to plant kitchen herbs. As an added bonus, having a garden window over the sink makes watering herbs and spice plants easy and impossible to forget!
  • Greater Lighting
    Due to their three-dimensional, protruding nature, garden windows let in more light than traditional windows. More light is great for plants and excellent for making a space brighter and more welcoming.
  • Energy Saving Features
    Thick, insulating glass found in garden windows protects heat from escaping your home, which means you’ll save on energy bills when you install new windows. In fact, the average home loses 38% of its heat loss through windows and doors. A home with drafty single-pane windows could increase heat loss through windows up to 50%. A garden window might be the first step to a warmer interior!
  • Better Viewing Opportunities
    Like a bay window, a garden window provides more viewing angles both at the window and around the room. Placing a garden window to face a backyard or a pleasant landscape highlights the beauty of your property’s exterior, and is a great way to bring the outdoors inside!

Though a lesser-known window style, garden windows are the perfect choice for adding beauty and practicality to any space. Kitchens especially can benefit from a such a unique window upgrade. For professional window installation and more in Maryland, call Roofworks today!