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3 Ways Flat Roofing Contractors Can Help You Prolong Your Roof’s Life

Flat Roof Townhomes

Flat roofing is one trend popular with modern buildings. The roofs have a smaller slope, which allows users to use the surface as living spaces, terraces, or gardens. Also, flat roofs cost less to install compared to regular high pitched roofs. When you’re looking for “flat roofing contractors near me,” you should find roofers that charge lower installation rates because they’re quicker and easier to install. Even with so many advantages, flat roofs have a shorter lifespan mainly due to their unique construction. The roof doesn’t drain water easily, causing water to puddle and stay on the roof. Stagnant water causes the roofing material to break down along the seams, which reduces your roof’s life.

Knowing how to prolong the life of a flat roof is critical. If you don’t, you may need to replace the roof entirely. This is a pretty costly venture. If performing a DIY on a standard 2200 to 2600 square foot roof, you may spend $1,000 to $4,000, and if enlisting the help of a residential flat roofing contractor, you will spend $2000 to $8500. You don’t want to spend that much on something you could avoid. Look at these three ways you can prolong a flat roof’s life.

1. Perform Systematic Roof Inspections

The most important aspect of extending a roof’s life is regular inspection. When you’re searching for flat roofing contractors near me, the contractor you hire goes a long way in identifying problems the roof may have developed early on. With systematic inspections, the professionals check the roof’s condition after the hot summer season and during fall and spring to look for damage caused by harsh weather elements.

The professionals also examine any flashed areas like edges and penetrations, drainage systems, and roofing membranes because most leaks form on the roof intersections. If not identified early, they increase the severity of the problem, leading to expensive roofing repairs.

2. Apply Heat Reflective Paint

The trend has gained popularity among builders, homeowners, and roofing contractors who want to extend a roof’s life. The basis is that the paint can reflect sunlight, which prevents it from getting absorbed by dark roofing colors. Another benefit of applying heat reflective paint is that it helps save energy. Energy-saving efforts not only reduce environmental impact but also help you save on your monthly utility bills. Once the roof absorbs heat, the house becomes warmer, hence the need to power AC units longer and faster to keep your living spaces cool.

Heat reflective paint also prolongs a roof’s life. Typically, continuous roof exposure to the sun causes cracks and splits, which weaken the roof material and eventually cause the development of leakages. Research also shows that UV light leads to thermal movement, a condition that causes stresses and weakness in varying areas across the roof. Heat reflective paint reduces the amount of sunlight and UV the roof absorbs, minimizing the overall thermal expansion.

3. Identify Causes of Flat Roof Ponding

Stagnant water can compromise the integrity of a flat roof significantly. If the roof is equipped with sufficient drainage but still experiences water ponding, you may need to enlist the help of a roofing contractor. The professionals will examine the roof to identify other reasons causing flat roof ponding. Apart from poor drainage, flat roof ponding may be a result of poor roofing design and structure. If the roof has a poor design, some parts may sag, which can lead to water ponding.

Another reason flat roofs develop water ponds is due to smashed or compressed roofing insulation layers. The problem develops when heavy equipment, like HVAC systems, are installed atop the roof. Over time, the roof’s insulation degrades and becomes saturated. Flat roofing insulation systems are quite sensitive to water and degrade rapidly, causing the roof to lose shape and form indentation where water can form into pools. The problem escalates when the underlying insulation is completely damaged as the indentation grows deeper, which creates larger water pools. Flat roofing contractors near me may recommend replacing the insulation layer to solve the problem before the roof develops leakages.

These points should help you keep your flat roof in top-notch condition. It’s best to search for “flat roofing contractors near me,” and trust the professionals to help prolong your roof’s life. They have the knowledge and experience to identify problems early.