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Why Should You Install Energy-Efficient Roof Windows in Your Attic?

Attic Roof Windows

Inefficient and faulty attic roof windows allow air to seep in and out of your house easily, making your cooling and heating system energy inefficient. The inefficiency problem increases energy bills and discomfort in your home. You can eliminate this problem by installing energy-efficient attic roof windows to reduce heat loss or gain. This article examines the benefits of energy-efficient attic roof windows to your home. If you’re planning to start a high-quality windows installation project, here are some benefits that you may acquire.

Cost Savings

Energy-efficient star-rated roof windows can reduce your energy consumption and bills. According to the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you have the potential to save $501 each year if you replace old single-pane windows with energy-efficient double-pane windows. These energy-efficient roof windows offer enough insulation that betters the comfort of your home and attic. If your attic roof windows are non-energy efficient, you’ll have undesirable indoor heat gains in summer and marked heat loss in winter. As such, your HVAC system will have to work hard to cool or heat your rooms. As a result, your energy consumption and bills will be high. High-quality windows installation of energy-efficient attic roof windows can prevent air leakage and uncontrollable heat loss or gain. Additionally, some local governments also offer tax credits for property owners that do energy-efficient or high-quality windows installation.

Better outdoor views and lighting

If you want a clear picture of your outdoors without obstructing the in-flow of natural light, then you need to install new energy-efficient windows. Unlike traditional windows, these high-quality windows don’t need shades, tints, or glazing to decrease solar radiation. Making high-quality windows installation using spectrally selective glazing glass prevents unwanted heat loss or gains without compromising the outdoor view from your attic window or the in-flow of natural light from your garden windows.

Improved comfort

Energy-efficient attic roof windows are ideal for your home because they help in improving the thermal comfort level of your home in winter and summer. These windows do so by preventing sudden heat loss or gain and thus maintaining the average ambient temperature in your rooms. In summer, the energy-efficient window’s low E-coating prevents direct sun rays from entering your attic without obstructing natural light and the outdoor view. In winter, energy-efficient windows’ weather stripping and low U-Factor prevent air leakage.

Less condensation and low maintenance

Old windows have poor insulation, and this makes them prone to frost and condensation. The frost and condensed water often cause the growth of mold, which makes the frame of wood windows to rot. The low-E glass coating on energy-efficient attic roof windows has a thin layer of protection, which repels condensation that leads to frost buildup. Frost buildup can make the rooms to feel cold, and you may need to increase your heating. You can solve this problem by installing energy-efficient windows that will eliminate condensation, frost buildup, and mold growth. Energy-efficient roof windows also have a UV-resistant coat that reduces dirt buildup and water spots. This feature reduces your need to clean and maintain your windows on a day-to-day basis.

Increasing energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gases and thus mitigating climate change. By installing energy-efficient attic roof windows you’re not only building an environment-friendly house, but you’ll also get a warm and comfortable home with reduced air leakage.