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6 Reasons Why Residential Flat Roofing Is the Best Option

Residential Flat Roofing

Are you thinking of installing a flat roof in your new home or considering buying a home with a flat roof? Today, flat roofs provide homeowners with more than just cost benefits. Residential flat roofing is a great option for the modern homeowner because of the numerous utility benefits of flat roofs. Here are the benefits of flat roofs to a homeowner.

1. Gives You More Space

How would it feel to have a rooftop garden that feels and looks like a million bucks? If you have a green thumb or feel more in key with nature, flat roofs will provide you with enough space to create an amazing rooftop garden. You can grow some herbs, flowers, or some vegetables. You can also design the rooftop space into a liveable space where you may hold parties or barbeques with friends. All you need is to find a reliable flat roofing contractor to install your flat roof so that it’s safe and easily accessible. Flat roofs allow you to be more innovative with the extra roof space. You can customize the extra roof space into an excellent outdoor space that will give you more space to relax and enjoy.

2. Keeps Your Repair and Maintenance Costs Low

Flat roofs are easily accessible and safe to conduct roofing repair and maintenance. This makes it easy for Maryland roofing companies to conduct home roof inspection and offer other roofing services. Ideally, your roof should be inspected once or twice a year. With flat roofs, you may pay less for residential roofing services, as opposed to other types of roofs. Since the roof repair crew can safely walk on the roof, it’s easier and faster to conduct gutter cleaning maintenance programs, roof repair and replacement, and other roof services as needed.

3. Flat Roofs are Durable

Residential flat roofs are mostly made from Modified Bitumen, which is a durable and long-lasting material. Because of their design, flat roofs can resist the effects of strong winds that may weaken them and eventually cause damage. Additionally, the Modified Bitumen material, is strong enough to accommodate substantial weight such as potted plants, HVAC units, and other domestic equipment such as barbeque grills. Therefore, you get more utility from your flat roof without causing damage to your roof. When flat roofs are maintained properly, they will serve you for over three decades before you have to replace them completely.

4. Flat Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Residential flat roofing allows homeowners to cut down on their energy use by installing heat-reflecting or heat-insulating barriers. It’s easier for roofing installation companies to install these barriers on a flat roof. Heat-reflecting barriers will keep your house cool and help you reduce your heating and cooling expenses. Additionally, you can install flat roof solar panel systems more easily, as compared to a sloppy roof. Subsequent repairs and maintenance of the solar panels will also be much easier.

5. Quick Flat Roof Installation

Compared to other roof designs such as shingle roofs, it is way much faster to install a flat roof. A roofing company in Maryland may install a flat roof within a day. Additionally, a flat roof installation uses up fewer materials and less labor. This is besides the fact that flat roof installation is safer. All these qualities serve to reduce the overall cost of flat roofs installation.

6. Flat Roofs Have an Architectural Appeal

When professionally installed by a good roofing company in Maryland, flat roofs have a great curb appeal. If your house has multiple roofs, you can design the roof space in a way that boosts the overall aesthetics of your house. This includes designing attractive roof patios and roof gardens.

If you consider installing flat roofs on your house, you should seek residential roofing services from a top roofing company. Professional flat roof installation goes a long way in preserving the structural integrity of your house. Furthermore, a well-installed flat roof will have a longer service life without the constant need of extensive roof repairs.