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Where You Should Look For Water Damage On Your Roof

Water Damage

The average homeowner will spend up to 4% of their home’s value on home repairs including roofing repair and maintenance. This is important not only for your own comfort as a homeowner, but also for keeping the resale value up for when you choose to move elsewhere.

One of the most essential parts of your home to be on the lookout for regarding any damage is the roof. The roof is the hat of the house: it keeps your home safe from rain, snow, and sleet. Therefore, when there’s damage to the roof it can mean potential damage to the rest of your home if roof repair isn’t sought out quickly.

If you’re unsure just what you should be on the lookout for to protect your home from roof damage, here are some parts of your roof that you should be keeping a definite eye on.

Vertical roof additions:

That is, anything that sticks up through your roof. Chimneys are considered one of the top leading causes of roof leakage. If your chimney has a cricket or it isn’t properly step flashed or sealed, water can leak down from the chimney and into your roof, causing soggy shingles and siding. This is additionally true if your home has skylights, satellites, or plumbing vents. Be sure anything on your roof is properly sealed and routinely repaired in order to keep any leakage from seeping into your home.

Your drip edge:

Your drip edge is one of the most important things on your roof. It’s what keeps you from needing roof repair because of water leakage into the fascia. If you’re missing a drip edge, this can cause wood rot and may even be an invitation to mice, insects, or snakes to enter your house.

Step flashing:

Another common area for roofing leaks are where the step flashing has been installed. Be sure to routinely check these areas of your roof for damage such as roof-to-wall transitions and dormers.

It may be easier to determine if your home has any broken shingles or storm damage, but it’s important to routinely check that your roof isn’t leaking in order to prevent mold and wall damage. Proper gutter installation and drain edges provided by a professional roof service are important to repelling the water from your roof. Treat your roof with routine roof repair and you can ensure your roofing’s longevity and your home’s happiness for years to come.