Leaking Roof? Don’t Stick a Bucket Under It, Do This Instead!

You’ve discovered you have a leaking roof. What next? It might be tempting to just stick a bucket under it until you have time to get up there and fix it yourself. But, eventually, it will stop raining, you’ll empty out the bucket, and forget all about that leak. Until it rains again.

This, however, would be a huge mistake.

A leaking roof is no small matter. Even a small leak, over a short period of time, can result in major problems that spread to the rest of your home. A leak may cause mold, damage to your insulation and ceilings, and rotten framing that could compromise the structural integrity of the whole house, putting you and your family in serious danger. Not only are these problems dangerous, they’re also expensive.

Water damage costs an average of $2,386 to fix, while removing standing water costs another $2,688 on average. The safest and most cost-effective action you can take is to hire a roof service immediately.

Even if you’ve got a roof in need of replacement and you intend on getting an entirely new roofing installation in the near future, don’t wait. Fix the leak as soon as possible.

Before you do anything else, take a look at the extent of the damage. If you have an attic, check for water stains, mold, and black markings on the ceiling. Do not, however, attempt to climb up onto the roof for a closer look. A roofing repair and maintenance crew will do this for you since they have the proper training and expertise to do so.

Attempting to fix the leak yourself is not worth the risk. The roofing industry is known as one of the top fields for exposure to injury and fatality. Roof service professionals have the safety tools, rules, and programs in place to protect themselves from harm while they are working at great heights. You, as an untrained homeowner, probably do not.

Roof repair can get costly and the best method is always prevention, which is why you should have your roof inspected at least once or twice a year. On average, homeowners will spend between one and 4% percent of their home’s total value annually on maintenance and repairs, which tends to increase as the house ages. For example, a $200,000 home would require at least $2,000 in repairs annually.

Unfortunately, a leak in your roof will quickly set off a chain reaction, spreading water damage to other areas of your home and costing you far more than $2,000.

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