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Why is it Dangerous to Clean Your Gutters?

Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning your gutters regularly is an essential part in maintaining the structure and integrity of your home. But it can be dangerous for the untrained individual. Why can gutter cleaning and maintenance be so dangerous?

Here are some of the primary risks associated with gutter maintenance that you should watch for before you choose to clean your gutters on your own.


It’s easy to slip and fall on a slippery ladder, but it’s even more common to fall because your ladder is unstable. Even if you use the buddy system to ensure you’re given the proper structural support, leaning too far in one direction could lead to a nasty accident.

It’s also incredibly easy to fall from your roof. Walking along your shingles might help you get to that hard-to-reach-spot, but slippery roofs from mold growth, ice, and rain could result in damage to your roof, or worse: a fall.


Without the proper protection and gear, you’re putting yourself at risk every time you clean your gutters. Countless animals, primarily birds and rodents, will leave a mass of hard-to-identify fecal matter. These feces can harbor pathogens and bacteria that can make you sick.

But you have to worry about more than just poop. Decaying plant matter in your gutters also release mold spores and fungi when they’re disturbed. This can cause an allergic reaction or respiratory issue should you inhale this particulate matter. It can also irritate your hands, nose, ears, and eyes, resulting in rashes or worse. It’s best to leave the gutter maintenance to the professionals.


Power lines often run nearby houses. After all, you need your daily dose of electricity to keep your refrigerator running and your lights on. But a fall or other sudden movement may make you come into contact with a nearby power line. While one touch won’t likely electrocute you, you could cause serious damage to the line and then have to face the dastardly consequences.

You can avoid all these dangers with the proper gear and training, but you might still be at risk should an accident occur. Homeowners spend an average of 1% to 4% of their home’s value on home maintenance each year. When it comes to ensuring your safety, it’s best to trust the work of a professional to clean your gutters.

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