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The 4 Most Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a serious problem facing homeowners all across the country. To keep your home secure and your family safe, take a look at the following list detailing the four main causes of basement floods.

Unsuitable building site

Houses are strategically built on sloped terrains to allow rainwater to drain away from the home. If your house was built at the bottom of a hill, you will inevitably run into some flooding problems. There isn’t much you can do about this in the short-term, but know that land slopes do tend to even out over time due to erosion.

Poor sealing

You may also be experiencing frequent flooding if your basement tiles were not sealed properly during construction. In the event of severe weather conditions, water can easily seep through the cracks.

Clogged gutters

When debris builds up in your gutters and is left unattended, it can cause blockages that lead to floods on your property. You must inspect your gutters regularly and clear out any fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris that may act as a barrier to your drainage system. If they are frequently becoming clogged, serious gutter repairs may be in order.

Poorly installed drainage system

If the drainage system on your home has been installed incorrectly, leaks and floods become a major risk. Downspouts that are placed too close to the basement wall or drain rainwater towards the basement can overload the weeping tile, causing basement leaks. To avoid flooding, downspouts must be installed at least six feet away from the basement wall and should drain away from the home.

Though wind and fire damage are usually the most expensive to repair (costing an average of $5,757 and $4,172, respectively), other types of storm damage can add up quickly as well. Water damage typically costs about $2,386 to fix. Removing standing water costs an average of $2,688.

To avoid expensive water damage caused by poor construction practices, call a company that provides downspouts and gutter installation Maryland residents rely on. Contact Roofworks today for a free estimate.